Stockholm, May 2015

Minions Talking Kevin by Thinkway awarded Toy of the Year 2015 in Sweden by Swedish Toy and Baby Association

Swedish trade experts foretell the interactive toy Talking Kevin to be the hottest toy in Sweden this fall. 
The Minion Talking Kevin by Thinkway was awarded
“Toy of the Year 2015” during a ceremony concluding the Swedish Toy and Baby Association´s Industry Days recently.

Anders Tropp, Customer Service Manager Norstar AB

Anders Tropp, Customer Service Manager Norstar AB

The Jury members consisted of toys buyers; Alexandra Synnermark of Lekmer, Marcus Andersson from Lekia´s product council and Annika Jagelid of Stor & Liten.

The Jurys´ motivation:

"The yellow banana loving Minions are back in a new movie all to themselves this summer and the jury counts on the year to follow to be dominated by all sorts of yellow products.

Talking Kevin is a fun interactive character toy which gives you the sensation of having a Minions of your own at home. 

Kevin moves and utters expressions from the movie when you move the  interactive banana close to his mouth. The Minions will attract a broad target group as they are for both boys and girls and also popular with a wide age demographic."

Anders Tropp, Sales Director at Norstar AB (distributor to Thinkway in Sweden),  
accepted the award.

The other nominees were "Frozen Action Elsa” from Funko and "I-Que”
from Toy Quest.

Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment´s movie Minions opens
in Sweden July 1st.